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Personalise Leather and Faux Leather Items

Leather has always been a highly valuable material. Used in the production of many high-end fashion and décor products, leather becomes even more valuable if you’re able to personalise it with logos, patterns, art, and text.

Print Directly to Leather with UV Printing Technology

To successfully print on leather, your ink needs to become part of the very fabric and texture of the leather itself. With Roland DG VersaUV technology, that’s exactly what ECO-UV ink does, by bonding directly to the leather material and taking on its unique texture and form.

Create Unique Items with Leather Customisation

There are many leather products that can be printed directly onto with VersaUV technology. VersaUV printers can be set up for on-demand customisation, allowing you to add custom art, branding and text to create unique fashion items.

Personalise leather shoes, sneakers and even leather jackets.

Print unique patterns, logos and branding directly onto leather upholstery for customised, high-end décor.

From pre-production handbag prototypes to creating personalised handbags for fashion retail, VersaUV technology fits a host of production models.

Print directly onto leather giftware items like coin purses, phone case wallets, key chains and more.

With VersaUV technology, you can also add custom art and graphics to a wide range of faux leather items such as PU leather, leatherette and other artificial leather products.

Leather Printing Can Command High-end Prices

Printing on leather turns already valuable products into exciting, upscale items that command high-end prices. Roland DG VersaUV technology is available in a range of desktop and wide format flatbed devices, as well as roll-to-roll and print & cut models. Whether you’re looking for leather giftware or upholstery applications, Roland DG has a machine to fit your production needs.

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