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Expand Your Creative Possibilities

Roland DG's VersaSTUDIO product family offers a variety of innovative, intuitive and affordable desktop digital devices uniquely designed to expand creative possibilities and turn your ideas into reality. Each of these compact yet powerful machines provide features and capabilities that will help you unlock your full creative potential.

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What Can You Do with a VersaSTUDIO Device?

Perhaps a more appropriate question would be: “What can’t you do with a VersaSTUDIO device?” You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with these compact, cutting-edge machines. The versatility and impressive capabilities of a VersaSTUDIO device can open up a world of opportunities for you and your business. VersaSTUDIO makes it easy and cost-effective to create decals and labels, signs and posters, custom apparel, home décor, vehicle graphics, unique 3D-printed items, personalised photo-imprinted gifts, and much more.

Window Graphics
Boxes and Packages
Wood gifts
Customize Speakers

Explore the VersaSTUDIO Lineup

Find out which VersaSTUDIO technology best fits your unique customisation needs.
Compact Size


Every VersaSTUDIO device has a small footprint, allowing for easy placement on just about any desktop, making these products perfect for home-based businesses, smaller print shops, and other work environments with limited space.
Easy to use

Easy to Use

VersaSTUDIO devices are incredibly simple to operate and come with software included, enabling even novice users to begin producing graphics with confidence, right away.
Versatile Printers


VersaSTUDIO products are extremely versatile. Whether you're a small business, creator or educator, every VersaSTUDIO allows for various applications on a wide variety of materials, ranging from product decoration and prototyping, to signage, apparel, decals and more.
Small Business


VersaSTUDIO desktop devices are designed to provide not only outstanding performance but also exceptional value. Each machine is affordably priced to suit the limited budgets of start-ups and smaller businesses.

Customer Testimonials

MM and Co
MM and Co
"The BN-20 has been a game changer."
Amber Bowie
MM and Co Print Shop
"We’ve used it [the SRM-20] for the production of smaller items, to making moulds for body work and other composite components."
Mitch Timms
Erebus Motorsport
Prototyping, Parts
Wendy and Wander
Wendy and Wander
"The capabilities of this little machine are incredible!"
Laura Sims
Wendy and Wander
"(The BN-20) has superb print quality and is affordable for a startup like ours."
Konstantins Dzedzels
Petalos by Ada
Petalos by Ada
"Printing my designs and realizing, Oh! I can print anything! There’s some real freedom there."
Ada Asenjo
Pétalos by Ada
"I had zero prior experience with digital printing technology. I can tell you that the Roland DG equipment is truly user friendly."
Rachel Legerski
Willoughby-Eastlake School District
Posters, Decals, T-shirt Graphics
Free Guide Thumbnail FPO
Free Guide Thumbnail FPO

Your Guide to Getting Started in Digital Graphics Production

Discover who's using desktop devices, how custom products are being created and sold, and read advice from our experts on generating income with desktop solutions.