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UV flatbed printer with printed objects

What is VersaOBJECT

Versatile Direct-to-object Printing

Introducing VersaOBJECT from Roland DG – the brand that enables businesses to print directly to 3D objects of almost any material with maximum efficiency and precise results. 

As consumer demand grows for customised products, VersaOBJECT solutions help you deliver high-quality, added-value items to your customers' specifications.

Our cutting-edge hardware, easy-to-use software and renowned Roland DG support make VersaOBJECT the leading choice for businesses worldwide.

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Why Choose VersaOBJECT?

With a range of direct-to-object printing solutions suitable for any need,
VersaOBJECT gives you the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

Close up detail of UV print with gloss details
A selection of mobile phone covers in a flatbed printer
Examples of substrates which can be UV printed

What Can You Create with a VersaOBJECT Solution?

Thanks to a combination of high-quality ink technologies, feature-rich software and some of the most advanced direct-to-object printers, you can produce an incredible range of high-value and exciting products to cater to all your customers' needs.

A UV printing jig with custom bottle opener keyrings
Photo of child printed onto acrylic block
Multicoloured custom phone cases in a UV printer
Metal drinking bottles with textured UV print
Custom UV printed drumsticks
A set of personalised stationery with custom printed details
Custom printed golf balls
Handbag with direct-printed design
Shoe with UV printed design
UV printed painting with brushstroke texture
Close up of UV printed Braille text
Child's wooden toy with personalised print
Personalised toothbrushes and jar
Direct-printed ceramic tiles with botanical design
Close up of a wheel rim with UV printed details
Frosted glass lamp with UV printed design
Tabletop with UV printed image
Close-up of a speaker with UV printed customisation
Close up of UV printed speedometer
Close-up of UV printed control panel

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