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Some useful tips and tricks to help you with design projects, 3D production, vehicle wrapping and more.

8 Tips for Reducing Waste in Wide-format Printing

When running a print business, any form of waste has an impact on the bottom line but unfortunately there are so many ways wastage can creep into your print workflow without you realising. In this article, we show you how managing design layouts, conducting regular maintenance, calibrating ink usage and reducing errors will help you keep waste down and keep your margins high.

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A print professional inspecting print for flaws

Print Quality and Customer Satisfaction through Sampling

One of the biggest challenges for many print businesses is ensuring consistent quality, colour, and alignment, especially across large production runs. Thankfully, digital print has a quick and cost-effective solution - sampling. Sampling is an invaluable tool that print businesses can implement to practically eliminate issues with large print runs. In this article we explore the whys and wherefores of sampling and prove how this extra step pays major dividends in avoiding costly reprints and keeping customers happy.

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The Power of Resin/Latex Inks for Exceptional Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wrapping stands out as a powerful and visually impactful way to showcase anything from corporate branding and advertising to iconic designs and complete or partial visual overhauls. As print technology advances, so do the tools at our disposal, and one innovation that has been gaining traction in the vehicle wrapping industry is the use of Resin/Latex inks. In this article, we'll delve into the benefits of these cutting-edge inks and why they’re the ideal print solution for creating stunning, durable, and customised vehicle wraps.

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People touching braille artwork with closeup of textured print

Spot UV, Gloss Ink and Printed Effects with Digital Print

A key benefit of UV printing is the ability to add gloss or clear ink. When printed and cured, it takes on a rigid, 3D appearance to unlock new print effects, textures, and capabilities which can enhance printed products and ultimately generate more profit. In this Blog, we look at some of the things you can do with Gloss UV ink.

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5 Reasons Why Print Professionals Use Roland DG Connect

We know that running a print business is demanding and is affected by both internal and external factors, so reliability is paramount. That’s why we’ve created Roland DG Connect, our online solution that connects you to your device remotely to help you keep your business running efficiently. This article takes you through our top reasons why print professionals like you, use Roland DG Connect.

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