Roland DG Products for Education

Empower your students to design and produce 3D prototypes, signs, packaging, apparel and more, with devices that can be used right out-of-the-box in any classroom environment.

Helping Today's Students Become Tomorrow's Leaders

With Roland DG's industry leading technology, students are better prepared for their Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math related careers. Roland DG educational equipment provides support programs with tutorials and ready-to-teach projects that make it easy for educators to get students learning immediately.

Conceptualise and Realise with 3D Printers and Milling Machines

Roland DG offers both subtractive milling and additive 3D printing options to help students design, engineer and output intricate proof-of-concepts, snap-fit parts, toys, conceptual art, rapid injection moulds and complex prototypes that perform exactly like the final manufactured product. All Roland DG milling devices support G-code standards to enable easy integration with industry standard CAM programs.

Explore 3D Printers and Milling Machines

Comprehensive Technology Solutions with Added Software and Support

All Roland DG devices are supplied with production software that work seamlessly with our machines and are designed for both novice and professional use. Roland DG also ensures that your device is always up and running for student education, with our extensive warranty coverage, free performance upgrades and the absolute best support in the industry.