Dental Warranties

Dental Mill Warranties

DGSHAPE Milling Machines combine unbeatable performance with legendary Roland DG reliability. As further proof, Roland DG is pleased to offer an unprecedented three year extended warranty.

When you register your DGSHAPE dental mill within 30 days of installation, you are eligible for an additional 2 years of Roland DG Care Extended on-site service guarantee. All you have to do is ensure that your DGSHAPE mill is serviced regularly and in accordance with the product maintenance booklets and Product User Manuals by authorised Roland DG Service Technicians.

The Extended Warranty is available only to products and parts as published by Roland DG:

Extended Warranty Products List

All extended warranty claims must be received by an authorised Roland DG Dealer and then approved by Roland DG.

Extended Warranties can be transferred if a product changes ownership during the warranty period, however this must be done with prior written approval directly given by Roland DG Australia.

For further information, please refer to the Roland DG Warranty Statement below.

Warranty Registration Form  Warranty Statement