DWX-52D close up of puck and drill

DWX-52D Accessories

Item Part No. Description
MillBox Software DSUM3DMAINT1-D5 SUM3D yearly Maintenance 5 axis (updates on Request)
BOFA Units 4230851047-1119 Dust Pro Dental Universal - All Dental Units
  4200851038-1293 Dental Pro Base DWX without Compressor - All Dental Units
  B20430851538-1293 Dental Pro Base DWX with Compressor - All Dental Units
  BA1030170 Replacement filter bag - Universal/Dental Pro Base
  BA1030161 Replacement HEPA filter - Universal/Dental Pro Base
Accessories ZR52D Disk Adapter Rack for DWX-52 series
  ZMA52DC-6 Material adapter DWX-52 series
  ZV52D Pin Type Adaptor for DWX-52 series
  CA-52DC Cast Milling Material Adapter for DWX-52 series
  ZC4D Collet Replacement Kit DWX-52 series
  ZBH4D Milling Bur Holder DWX-52 series
  ZCT4D  Cleaning Tool DWX-52DCi (4hrs or 160 teeth)
  ZS4D Spindle Replacemant kit (ZSB170 spindle Belt Included) DWX-52 series : Life Expectancy 2000hrs
  ZSB170 Spindle Belt: Life Expectancy 2000hrs
  CA-MK1  Milling Time reduction Kit for Plaster Model 
  CA-DK1  Milling Time Reduction Kit for Denture Base  
  CA-DK1-TR  DWX accessory fixture CA -DK1 
  CA-DK1-FX  Fixture For CA-DK1 for replacement 
Tools SD-D2BPREMDIA Ø2mm Dia Premium Ball (Zirconia) 
  SD-D1BPREMDIA  Ø1mm Dia Premium Ball (Zirconia) 
  SD-D06BPREMDIA  Ø0.6mm Dia Premium Ball (Zirconia) 
  SD-D03BPREMDIA  Ø0.3mm Dia Premium Ball (Zirconia) 
  SD-D2BMIDDIA  Ø2mm Dia Mid-Range Ball (Zirconia) 
  SD-D1BMIDDIA  Ø1mm Dia Mid-Range Ball (Zirconia) 
  SD-D06MIDDIA  Ø0.6mm Dia Mid-Range Ball (Zirconia) 
  SD-D03MIDDIA  Ø0.3mm Dia Mid-Range Ball (Zirconia) 
  SD-D3CARBRR  Ø3mm Dia Square End Mill 
  SD-D2FCARB  Ø2mm Dia Square End Mill 
  SD-D1FCARB  Ø1mm Dia Square End Mill 
  SD-D2BCARB  Ø2mm Dia Ball End Mill 
  SD-D1BCARB  Ø1mm Dia Ball End Mill 
  SD-D06BCARB  Ø0.6mm Dia Ball End Mill 
  SD-D03BCARB  Ø0.3mm Dia Ball End Mill 
  ZDB30D  Ø0.6mm Dia Bur for Hybrid Materials 
  ZDB50D  Ø1.0mm Dia Bur for Hybrid Materials 
  ZDB100D  Ø2.0mm Dia Bur for Hybrid Materials 
  ZRB-100D  Ø2.0mm Dia for Cast milling