UQ Racing Team Impressed with Roland DG Milling Machine

UQ Racing Team

Throughout 2016, Roland DG Australia assisted The University of Queensland Racing (UQR) Team with an SRM-20 compact milling machine for the development of their racing car components. The result has been a positive one, with the team impressed with the machine’s ease of use, reliability and versatility.

Made up of approximately 20 students from the University of Queensland, the UQR Team must work together to not only design and build a Formula SAE eligible vehicle each year, but also to manage their own budget, finances, marketing, sponsorship, administration and occupational health and safety requirements.

The UQR Team has used the SRM-20 to create electronic tabs and junctions, bearing caps that require specific tolerances, as well as smaller moulds for composite components. Designed with a simple interface, user-friendly software and a virtual panel, the team was impressed with the machine’s ease of use. Nick Farmer of the UQ Racing Team commented that “The user interface of the software, along with the access to the machine, make it a very easy CNC to use. The software allows us to make very specific changes to tool pathing without having to go through more difficult coding.”

"The actual machine has performed faultlessly..."

With tight timeframes and budgets to adhere to, the team appreciated working with a reliable machine with “very consistent” software. “The actual machine has performed faultlessly...” comments Nick. He also notes that the compact nature of the machine has been a great benefit for the team: “The size of the SRM-20 is ideal for prototyping as it can be located in a computer room or a workshop and doesn’t produce any mess outside of the machine.”

Compared to the design and manufacture methods that UQ Racing has performed previously, the SRM-20 has helped them to understand more about feed rates and cutting speeds for different materials with different cutters. They’ve also been able to test small designs and tolerances using different materials before making them on a larger scale. Nick notes that “[The SRM-20] has allowed the team to learn more regarding machining components and has allowed us to test designs before we commit to final manufacture.”

On behalf of the team, Nick has no hesitation in recommending the machine for rapid prototyping. “I would highly recommend the SRM-20, especially to those who do not have in depth experience with tool making. The user interface allows CAD designs to go from initial design to completed manufacture in a few hours.”

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