Maximise the Value of Your LEF-20/200

Owners of VersaUV LEF-20 and LEF-200 printers can now enjoy an upgrade of their devices to the latest advanced functions of the recently launched LEF2-200 to enjoy improved product reliability, efficiency and output quality.

Reduced Downtime with Increased Product Reliability

Head Refresh Feature
A head refresh function effciently removes any ink remaining on the printheads. The use of the head refresh after daily use keeps the printhead surface clean to maintain stable output quality.
New Wiper Cleaner
A sponge removes extra ink remaining on the wiper which cleans the head surface, enabling the printhead surface to remain in good condition.
Extension Plate Addition
The prevention of UV light from being reflected under the table minimises the curing of UV ink on the printhead surface and reduces the level of printhead cleaning required. 
Nozzle Mask
Should a printhead clog, the Nozzle Mask function allows you to continue printing while using half of the printhead which reduces downtime.

Simplify High Quality Printing Jobs

Increased Setup Effciency and Usability
A Start Timer Function completes the setup procedures by your designated start time so you can begin printing immediately after loading the materials. A positioning jig makes it easy to align items on the print table. A starting height setting from the top of table unit is also now available.
Post Curing
Additional UV irradiation is available for material that is difficult to cure.
Shortened Cleaning Time
The installation of the new maintenance system described above changes the sequence of normal cleaning which shortens the required time by about 5 – 30 seconds.
Process Multiple Layers of Jobs Efficiently
When printing files with separate layers of ink such as white or clear, grouping data in the order of printing can reduce mistakes. It is also now possible to duplicate print jobs in the RIP software, making it unnecessary to add print data multiple times. 
Efficient Test Printing
Continuous [vertical] or [horizontal] printing is conducted in an automatic manner to improve the efficiency of test printing. White test printing after printing black also leads to more visible test results.
Display Remaining Time for Cleaning
During normal / medium / powerful cleaning, the countdown time of cleaning completion is displayed, which makes it easy to manage the operator's tasks.

Higher Quality Output

True Rich Colour Preset
With this new preset, vibrant colour can be combined with neutral greys, smooth gradations and natural skin tones to create stunning graphics.
16-Pass Standard Mode
The standard mode incorporates 16-pass as well as conventional 12-pass, leading to smoother output quality even for full colour or matte finishes. 

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