Edwin Aliphon

Service Agent Profile: Edwin Aliphon

Edwin Aliphon has worked as an Authorised Roland DG Service Agent in Tasmania since 2008. Prior to this, he worked as a technician for another local Roland DG Service Agent for 10 years, giving him a wealth of experience with Roland DG technology over more than two decades.

Being an Authorised Service Agent

As an Authorised Service Agent, Edwin is passionate about “Being able to resolve issues and faults on customers’ units [and] being able to walk out of a site with the confidence and knowledge that the problem has been resolved and fixed.” Plus, he adds, leaving a business knowing “a happy customer has his/her unit working properly.”

Throughout that time, Edwin has met a growing list of customers, some of whom have since become good friends.

Working with Roland DG

"...the staff at the Roland DG head office has always been very helpful."

For Edwin, there have been many highlights working with Roland DG over the years. One of the most memorable being when he installed the first TrueVIS VG2 printer cutter in Hobart with Green and Orange ink, the very first installation of its kind in Australia.

Not only does Edwin enjoy what he does, but he likes the people he works with, commenting that “the staff at the Roland DG head office has always been very helpful.”

Feedback on Roland DG’s Products

Out in the field nearly every day, Edwin often receives feedback from customers. Overwhelmingly, the responses are that Roland DG’s devices are “Great products and very reliable”.

Edwin looks forward to working with Roland DG for many more years to come, and the feeling from Roland DG is mutual!