Best Month Ever After Installing Roland DG XR-640

Signarama, Chatswood

Coming from a background in IT and Mathematics, Marlin and Flora Wang were looking for a new challenge, something other than the run-of-the-mill desk job. After trying several things, this ambitious couple, with no experience in the signage industry, made the bold decision to purchase the Signarama Chatswood franchise.

“We wanted to do something other than sit in front of a computer,” said Flora. “We chose the signage industry because signage is different, and we like that it makes life more colourful!”

To start, Marlin was door knocking in order to generate business, but recently there has been no time left for door knocking as sales have grown steadily, driven largely by the increased production capabilities made possible with their Roland DG PRO4 XR-640 wide format printer cutter.
Already seeing the benefits of the XR-640 the store recorded their best month since starting. “This is the first month that we have had the Roland DG, and without it we definitely could not achieve this,” said Marlin.

Since the Roland DG XR-640 was installed, Signarama Chatswood have more than doubled their production and are already looking to put on more production staff to keep up with the extra demand.

Marlin continues, “We can now have both printers running so we not only get more roll-to-roll work, but we also get more corflute and rigid work as the Roland DG has freed up the flatbed.”

“The Roland DG printer runs around 5 hours every day but we have only one production person so that is our main limitation. We did the Roland DG training course which gave us basic production skills, so I run the machine when possible, but I also have many other jobs to keep the business running.”
Thankfully, the Roland DG printer is so easy to operate. I really don’t need to worry about anything like media feed errors, colour banding or head strikes. With our flatbed, I need to watch it while it’s printing, but the Roland DG printer makes life so much easier, which means I can get on with other jobs while it prints.”

Marlin and Flora did their research when looking for a new wide format printer and were initially attracted to another popular brand, however they ultimately decided on the Roland DG XR-640.
“Service and support was definitely a consideration in our decision and Roland DG has the longer warranty so that was a significant factor. Training was also important for us as we didn’t have a background in signage, and Roland DG gave us all the training and support we needed to get started.”

Flora added, “One big reason we chose Roland DG was the sales experience. Chris was very helpful which made it such a positive experience, and he is still always in touch to see how we are going and to help us out. I also liked that other SAR stores run and recommend Roland DG printers.”

Marlin and Flora are now on the other side of the fence and are recommending Roland DG to others. “We definitely recommend the XR-640 to other print shops,” said Marlin.

The future is looking bright for Signarama Chatswood as they plan to get more out of the XR-640. Flora concludes, “We aim to get some bigger jobs, keep running the Roland DG printer more and eventually buy a 2nd or 3rd Roland DG printer! But we also want to work more efficiently, and we know that the Roland DG will help us to do this.”