Best Digital Signs Stands by Roland DG Quality for More than 27 Years

Best Digital Signs

From starting out as a small signage business in Victoria in 1991, Best Digital Signs Pty Ltd has grown over the years, to now completing commercial signage for major building projects across Australia, including the Eastland Shopping Centre Redevelopment and the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Redevelopment.

Throughout the years of expansion, one thing has remained constant at Best Digital Signs: the use of Roland DG equipment. The company started out with a PC-60 and computer cutters in the early 1990’s, and then when digital printing became more widespread later that decade, they acquired their first large format printer, an SC-500. They have continued to upgrade their Roland DG printers over the years, to an SC-540EX, SJ-1045, XC-540 and most recently, they purchased an XR-640 wide format printer.

Owner of Best Digital Signs, Mark Piper, explains why they have stayed with Roland DG for so long: “We have always been willing to update our equipment so that we can offer the highest quality prints to our clients. We are known for our high resolution printing and colour matching… we’ve never been required to use the fastest print settings on our Roland DG printers. I think this speaks volumes to our quality control but also the speed and clarity of the Roland DG printers.”

"We have recommended Roland DG’s printers to many people and will continue to. They have never let us down."

The service and support that the company has received from Roland DG, according to Mark, has been “painless” and “has ensured that the machines are always functioning at their peak”. They have had trouble finding “anything that compares that also has the longevity and the flexibility of Roland DG’s large format digital machines.”

Mark has always been quick to recommend Roland DG over the years: “We have recommended Roland DG’s printers to many people and will continue to. They have never let us down.”