Roland DG Milling Machine Opens Up Opportunities for Space Tank Customers

Space Tank

Based in Melbourne, Space Tank is a product development company that rents out its 15 studios to start-ups and innovators so that they can access the company’s huge range of prototyping technology like multi axis milling, 3D printing, vacuum forming, laser cutting as well as industrial wood and metal working machinery. Space Tank also gives product developers access to business networks to help them prototype products, commercialise their IP, accelerate their brands, establish business networks and reach broader markets.

Holger Dielenberg, Founder/Director of Space Tank, recently purchased a Roland DG MDX-50 desktop milling machine to add to Space Tank’s range of milling and prototyping machines. He researched almost every type of desktop milling machine available on the market, and chose the MDX-50 due to the availability of local technical support, “refinement and strength of the machine,” and the fact that it is already being used by many university students in Melbourne.

A variety of niche manufacturers have been using the MDX-50 at Space Tank, many of whom need to make repeatable parts, including designers, artists, furniture makers and engineers. As Holger explains: “When [the users] get access to something like a CNC milling machine, it really opens up opportunities for them.” Holger has found that reliability and ease-of-use of the MDX-50 have been major benefits. “It’s fool proof…. the CAM software makes tool selection and cutting paths very intuitive to step through.” He explains that because the machine is quick to learn, users are adopting the technology and doing it themselves, rather than outsourcing. “It’s a major benefit for designers to be able to cheaply and quickly embrace enabling technology because this is what will make them competitive against the bigger players in the market.”

“It’s fool proof…. the CAM software makes tool selection and cutting paths very intuitive to step through.”

Hoger wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the MDX-50 to others looking to do prototyping/milling: “I would definitely recommend the unit as a prototyping machine and even for small engineering solutions. It’s great for design environments and can add a lot of value in low volume and customisable solutions.”

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