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Reception desk with black and gold textured artwork on the wall.

Transforming Spaces with Digitally Printed Interior Design Elements

Along with signage and graphics, providing unique and impactful interior design options is an important service that Printing Businesses can offer to their commercial and residential clients, often with existing printing equipment and inks.

In spaces where sign shops have always provided signage and graphics products, Roland DG users can expand their offerings to include custom-printed wallpaper, branded installations, and even custom tile or tabletops. These interior design products add the style and colour that clients are seeking as a differentiator in their industry, a branding extension, or simply as a means of self-expression.

In this blog, we’ll detail a few product options, markets, and marketing strategies you may wish to include as you consider offering interior design elements to your clients.

An armchair and side table in front of a textured wall graphic.

Digitally printed design elements like wallcoverings are available in an almost unlimited range of colours and textures to satisfy design requirements.

What markets can you address?

As the push for customised spaces continues, the range of market opportunities for custom interior design elements is expanding. People are looking to add colour and style to interiors in hospitality, commercial, retail, education and residential spaces.

Reception desk with black and gold textured artwork on the wall.

Custom-printed artwork lends local ambiance to hotels and conference facilities.


Hotels and conference facilities are looking for ways to carry their branding and messaging into a range of spaces and environments, including foyer walls, hallways, meeting rooms, and even bathrooms. In high-traffic areas like these, your printed products need to be long-lasting and impactful.

Suggestion: Create customised accessories and accents using a Roland DG VersaOBJECT UV flatbed printer to direct-print vibrant, detailed and durable graphics and stylish accents onto a wide variety of interior design elements and materials. Wall graphics and custom wallcoverings can be printed quickly and efficiently on a resin printer, or on DG DIMENSE’s Dimensor S structural printer.

Clothed mannequins in front of a retail wall wrapped in colorful graphics.

Colourful wall displays can amplify retailers’ messaging.

Commercial and Retail

With the rise of e-commerce, stores are aiming to create immersive experiences for shoppers from the moment they cross the threshold. Today’s retail design often includes colourful wall graphics, vibrant signage, and branded checkout areas.

Suggestion: Produce unique wallcoverings with stunning dimensional effects using a Dimensor S structural printer, or use a Roland DG resin or UV inkjet printer to print a variety of eye-catching wall graphics.

Classroom with the front wall wrapped in galactic graphics printed on a Roland DG AP-640 latex printer.

Colourful and educational classroom wallpaper helps students immerse themselves in learning.


Graphics for today’s classrooms and common areas are often designed with learning in mind, incorporating elements that offer students a starting point for educational conversations.

Suggestion: Facilities like schools and hospitals typically have environmental quality requirements for installed materials. Roland DG’s TrueVIS AP-640 resin printer uses water-based inks with very low VOC emissions, which are approved for use in these environments.

Corporate lobby with paneled graphics background.

Custom printed panels like these add flair to standard corporate foyer décor.


Décor for corporate foyers sets the stage for visitors, welcoming them while also providing a view into the business, with graphics and colorways that amplify brand messaging.

Suggestion: Printing on unique substrates like canvas or glass is easy with VersaOBJECT UV print production. UV print can also add special effects like textures, gloss or simulated embossing. For additional texture, try using DG DIMENSE's Dimensor S dimensional printer.

Furnished room with textured wallcovering.

Dimensional wallcoverings are a great way to incorporate colour and texture in a residential space.


Wallcoverings are paramount in residential interior design, and the timing has never been better for Print Businesses to consider offering homeowners the customised wallcovering graphics they're looking for. In addition, custom lamps, pillows, and even tabletops, can bring color and originality to a home setting.

Suggestion: VersaOBJECT UV printers offer the option to print colorful, detailed graphics onto a wide variety of surfaces and 3D objects, including wood, stone metal, tile, and glass, and objects like tables, vases, lamps, picture frames, leather furniture and more. For texture, UV gloss ink can be applied in layers to create simulated brushstrokes or embossing. In addition, DG DIMENSE’s Dimensor S printer can create dimensional, textured wallcoverings in almost any pattern.


Digitally printed interior design elements offer another way to use your existing printing capabilities for popular and profitable applications for your commercial and residential clients. Presenting these options makes your business a one-stop provider for your clients' signage and interior design needs. Consider which of these applications might make sense for you, depending on your current printing capabilities and the direction you'd like to take your business.

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