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Top Personalised Christmas Gifts for 2021

If you’re new to personalisation, and you’re looking to try out some holiday products, our list of personalised gifts may be of interest to you, especially at that time of year when custom graphics and personalisation can be so profitable.

Personalised products make for unique and memorable presents for family members and other loved ones, particularly those who can be challenging to buy for!

Unique Electronic Devices

Personalising electronic items and accessories is becoming extremely popular for all age groups, and make the perfect gifts. Using UV print technology, you can print photo-realistic graphics, lettering and images directly onto thumb drives, smart phone covers, headphones, wireless chargers, power banks, even laptop computers.

Phone covers, wireless charger and headphones all printed using the VersaUV LEF Series printers.

Christmas Stockings and Custom Clothing

During the Christmas period, customers love to have personalised stockings with their names, faces or secret Santa messages on them. Clothing such as t-shirts, jumpers and kids’ onesies, are also popular apparel products that can become an “extra-personal” gift when offered as a custom printed product.

Linen and cotton clothing and Christmas stockings can quickly and easily be personalised with custom designs using the BT-12 direct-to-garment printer.

Personalised Drinks Products

Dye sublimated, UV printed or laser engraved drink bottles, beer and wine glasses, coasters and everything “drinks related” represent the perfect personalised holiday gifts for family members and friends. They are very popular products in shopfronts and online marketplaces during the holiday season.

Engrave onto metal and glass with the LV Series laser engravers and DGSHAPE DE-3 rotary engraver. Use UV printers and dye sublimation technology to imprint images, text and photos onto a range of substrates such as drink bottles and coasters.

UV printing, engraving, and dye sublimation technology can all be used for coasters, drink bottles and other drinks products.

Custom Makeup and Cloth Bags

There are many kinds of cloth, tote and makeup bags available to purchase online in varying quantities that you can easily customise using direct-to-garment printing technology. Personalising a bag turns a simple item into something special.

Personalise zipper or cloth bags to make trendy holiday gifts with the BT-12 direct-to-garment printer.

Pet Portrait Products

Forever popular with pet lovers, especially during the holidays, pet portrait products are all over the internet each holiday season. Roland DG has multiple engraving and metal impact machines to create custom pet giftware to sell as high-end online products.

You can also personalise cushions, dog blankets, pet-t-shirts and more with a selection of dye sublimation and direct-to-garment technology.

Create engraved or impact-printed portrait jewellery with a host of Roland DG engraving products.

Personalised Engraved Jewellery

Family necklaces, pendants and other metal gifts and accessories make ideal custom, high-value gifts or heartfelt mementos for family members. You can personalise all kinds of precious metals and jewellery items with the Roland DG LV laser engravers, DGSHAPE DE-3 rotary engraver and MPX-95 impact printer.

Jewellery engraved with the LV laser engravers and DE-3 rotary engraver, plus a range of metal gifts printed with the MPX-95 photo impact printer.

Custom Face Masks

Masks and other face coverings are still essential items for everyone, and they will continue to be popular into 2022 — especially if you can add personalised designs or company logos to make them more appealing. Make personalised masks by printing directly onto the material with direct-to-garment and dye sublimation technology.

Make seasonal and personal masks— directly print custom designs onto cotton with Texart dye sublimation technology.

Inspired to Find Out More?

If you are inspired by the custom items you've seen in this blog post and you're considering starting a business in the new year, take a look at our home based business page to see how you can print and profit from your home or office. You can also check out our applications page to see a breakdown of some of the different applications that we personalised.