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How to Produce Custom Abutments In-House

Today dental implant treatment is a common solution for replacing missing teeth. Many courses are available for clinicians to continually develop and adopt advanced techniques to integrate the latest technology into dental implant procedures.

Implant systems and components are under continual development. The implant abutment is an important component of the overall restoration, and the abutment itself must offer strength, stability and bio-compatibility. Pre-manufactured stock abutments have traditionally been the choice, however with the advancement in local manufacturing options, more clinicians are looking for custom milled abutments.

Custom milled titanium abutments have many advantages:

  • They assist in achieving a passive fit.
  • The final restoration is manufactured to the exact gingiva contour, providing the optimal emergence profile with a smooth transition to the final restoration.
  • Angle correction of the implant is easier.
  • Chair-side adjustments are fewer, appointments can be smoother and faster, resulting in a more efficient dental clinic.

Custom abutments are an excellent treatment solution for the patient. They allow careful management of the soft tissues by creating a more desirable emergence profile, plus patients find oral hygiene maintenance easier when the gingival tissues are correctly contoured. Dental implant treatment is regarded as a premium service, and patients expect to receive implant restorations of a premium quality. Custom milled titanium abutments ensure that implant-supported restorations are aesthetically pleasing and have excellent functionality. Clinicians that go from using stock abutments to custom abutments will almost certainly find improved implant treatment results.

DGSHAPE’s DWX-42W Dental Milling Machine can produce high quality restorations from glass ceramic, composite resin and PMMA materials and now has the expanded ability to manufacture custom titanium abutments using the AK-1 Abutment Kit connects to the centre pin of the DWX-42W material holder for a simple and seamless workflow. The result? High value, custom abutments.

For further information on the new AK-1 Abutment Kit and our range of DGSHAPE dental mills, please go to the AK-1 Abutment Kit section on our website.