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How Do the New DWX Models Compare to the DWX-50?

The latest in the DWX Series of DGSHAPE dental mills, the DWX-52D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine and the DWX-52DCi Automatic Disc Changer, certainly represent an evolution from the original DWX-50. Increased quality, ease-of-use, reliability, efficiency and versatility, plus the ability to handle a wide range of materials and uses, are just some of the key features and benefits you can expect to experience. Below we outline this in further detail:

Stylish and Reliable

The DWX-52D and DWX-52DCi comes with a new stylish space-saving design, and a new ball screw-driven system with 5-axis positioning improves processing quality. X, Y, and Z axes all use smooth and reliable ball screws for a better-quality finish than the DWX-50. 

The addition of colour coded LED lights allows the operator to visually monitor what is happening with their milling jobs.

Clean and Efficient

New features of the DWX-52D and DWX-52DCi minimise the time and effort required for milling preparation, standby, and cleaning, to help achieve smooth and continuous operation.

The Auto Tool Changer (ATC) capacity has significantly increased, and now handles up to 15 units. Different milling bur combinations can be set for each material, allowing you to process a variety of materials completely unattended, saving you time and money.

The DWX-52DCi is equipped with a disc changer capable of automatically changing materials, so you can now attach up to six adapters and continuously process a variety of materials. The independent disc changer unit and processing area allow adapters to be set and replaced, even during milling, to further boost productivity and minimise downtime.

Efficient and elegant design makes it easy to clean and maintain, with an airflow structure capable of efficiently collecting dust. A built-in, advanced ionizer is a standard feature for eliminating static electricity build up, to keep the milling chamber clean while manufacturing high-quality prostheses.

Additions for keeping your work environment neat and tidy include convenient storage that can be opened and closed during machine operation, and a compact storage rack for disc adapters.

Easy, Smart and Versatile

Automatic air pressure switching makes it easy to work with multiple types of materials. Manage machine performance with enhanced software features such as DWINDEX Performance Management software and Intelligent Tool Control in the included VPanel. Each of these tools are designed to increase your production efficiency to prepare your business for next-generation applications such as digital dentures.

The DWX-52D and DWX-52DCi have expanded capacity to respond to diversifying materials and applications, as they are capable of milling four new types of materials:

  • PEEK – New
  • Glass Fibre Reinforced Resin – New
  • Gypsum – New
  • CoCr Sinter Metal – New
  • Zirconia
  • PMMA
  • Wax
  • Composite Resin

The machines automatically switch air pressure according to material, so that no manual adjustment is required. 

Extra Kits Available

The following kids are available as optional additions to the DWX-52D and DWX-52DCi: 

  • Cast Denture Base Time Reduction Kit – supports denture production via CAD/CAM system.
  • Cast Model Time Reduction Kit – supports model production from hybrid resin optical impression data. 

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