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Monitoring Your Printer Remotely

Quite often, you are not right next to your printer when it is in operation – you may not even be in the same building! Being able to monitor the status of your printer and manage print jobs from afar, helps you to maintain productivity and efficiency.

Track the Status of Your Printer with Roland OnSupport

Roland OnSupport is an online customer support system that is available for a full spectrum of Roland DG devices. It allows you to remotely track the status of your printer’s activities, wherever you are, by sending an email or text notification to your PC or smart device, of important updates.

Therefore, you are free to leave your printer unattended, and receive critical production information that is sent to you in real time.

Roland OnSupport Notifications

Information you can send by email or text includes:

  • When a job is started
  • When a job is completed
  • When the device is stopped abruptly for any reason
  • When the remaining ink is running low – this can be adjusted (default is set to 25%)

Improve Production Efficiency

Users of Roland OnSupport can also quickly access machine usage metrics, firmware updates and important product information through an exclusive OnSupport website. The result is improved production efficiency and confidence in unattended printing.

Watch the Video and Download Roland OnSupport

To watch the video and download Roland OnSupport, you can click here