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  • How do I rotate to cut in the feed direction?

    In the Menu section of your cutter there is a ROTATE function this can be turned ON and OFF depending what direction you wish to cut.

  • How far should the cutting blade protrude from the holder?

    The blade should only protrude out of the blade holder to the thickness of the material you are cutting. Having the blade too far out can lead to wearing the cutting strip quicker and also the blade.

  • I didn't receive or can't find my User Manual

    You should have received your User Manual by email when your product was registered. However to download a copy of the User Manual please follow this link: Download GS-24 User Manual.

  • My GS24 is not connected to my PC.

    Check Printers and Devices in your Control Panel to see if the GS24 is in the printers list or Unspecified. Make sure that the USB cable is not plugged into a USB3 port in your PC, you will need to use a USB2 port.

  • The cutter is leaving tabs at the start and finish point of the cut.

    Check the blade offset is set correctly the Standard Roland blade will have an offset of .025mm.

More Support

Contact your Authorised Roland DG Dealer who in many cases will be able to assist you. If the Dealer is not able to resolve your problem they will contact our office and you will receive a follow-up call either from the dealer, a call from our office or a Technician will visit you personally. Alternatively, contact Roland DG Support.