Roland DG Releases New Resin for monoFab ARM-10 3D Printer

Hamamatsu, Japan, 7th January 2016 - Roland DG Corporation, a leading worldwide manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and 3D devices, announced today that it will commence sales of the new “PRF35-ST” (Flexible type) photopolymer resin for use with the monoFab ARM-10, 3D printer.

After curing PRF35-ST (Flexible type) offers greater friction force and elasticity when compared to the conventional resin “PRH35-ST” (a standard hard resin). This feature will enable users to now create a wider range of more realistic design prototypes with the monoFab 3D printer, such as grips, seals, gaskets and buttons.

“With every new material, we expand the possibilities for industrial designers to bring their designs to life in realistic models and prototypes,” said Peter Kettle, 3D Business Development Manager for Roland DG. “Our philosophy has always been to deliver the right tools for the right application. This is why we always promote the ARM-10 3D printer alongside the SRM-20 milling machine. Whether you are looking for mechanical accuracy, complex geometry or specific material properties, this combination of technologies covers everything.”

Kettle continues, “The new flexible type resin extends possibilities further, ensuring that your models not only look real, they feel real too.”

The PRF35-ST flexible type resin is available in 350g bottles. Once cured, it can be sanded for a smoother finish. It is semi-transparent, yellowing in extended exposure to UV light if it is not painted.