Roland DG Announces New Colour Emulation Tool for Accurate Colour Matching Between Printers

Sydney, Australia, June 23, 2021 - Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters, today announced a new Colour Emulation Tool that allows end users to closely match the output colours from two different printers.

The free tool, that can be accessed from the Roland Profile Centre, has two levels. Printer Emulation Basic, which is designed for colour matching between Roland DG devices, and does not require any profiling or colour management tools. Existing RML (Roland Media Library) profiles are uploaded to the Roland Profile Centre, where they are adjusted by calculation, with new RML profiles automatically generated. This level does not factor in the current condition of the printer, and how well it is working, therefore this needs to be taken into consideration when using Printer Emulation Basic.

The second level, Printer Emulation Advanced, is designed for colour matching between Roland DG and non-Roland DG printers, and requires users to have a photo spectrometer. Users simply print out a colour chart for each printer and measure with their spectrometer, these RML profiles are then adjusted, with new profiles generated. The results of Printer Emulation Advanced are more accurate compared to ‘Basic’, as it re-creates the icc profile for both printers before creating the emulation, so the emulation software is working with data that is accurate to the current condition of each device.

The Colour Emulation Tool is now available on the Roland Profile Centre: