Roland Dental Mills Receive VITA ENAMIC Hybrid Ceramic Certification

Hamamatsu, Japan, September 24, 2014 - Roland DG Corp has announced that its DWX-50 and DWX-4 dental mills have been validated by VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) for use with the company's new hybrid ceramic material VITA ENAMIC®.

“Dental labs are increasingly working with VITA ENAMIC® due to its enormous strength and superb esthetics” said Takuro Hosome, Market Development Manager for Roland DG Corp. “Equipped with optional ZDB-100D/50D/30D milling burs, our DWX-50 and DWX-4 customers worldwide can now take full advantage of this cutting-edge material.”

VITA ENAMIC® is a hybrid ceramic material, which combines high load capacity and aesthetics of a dental ceramic with elasticity of a dental composite. It is acclaimed in the industry for its resistance since masticatory forces are absorbed. VITA ENAMIC is finished without firing, which reduces labour and production time.

Paired with VITA’s ENAMIC® and Roland’s ZDB-100D/50D/30D milling burs, that developed specifically for dental hybrid type materials, such as VITA ENAMIC®. DWX-50 is the perfect way to extend material capability of dental labs. Five-axis simultaneous machining capabilities and a 5-station automatic tool changer streamline production, and its open architecture design allows seamless integration with commercially available dental CAD/CAM software and hardware.

Roland’s DWX-4 features 4-axis milling and an optional 4-position Automatic Tool Changer into a compact and easy-to-use production platform. Using with ZDB-100D/50D/30D milling burs, the DWX-4 can achieve an excellent accuracy and quality for VITA ENAMIC®.

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