DWX Milling Machines Now Support Composite Resin Material

Sydney, Australia, June 19, 2014 - Roland DG Corporation, a leading worldwide provider of dental CAD/CAM technologies, has announced the availability of optional milling burs for the company's DWX-50 and DWX-4 dental milling machines that allow these innovative devices to mill composite resin materials, including VITA ENAMIC® and 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative pin-type blocks.

"Dental labs are increasingly working with composite resins due to their superior aesthetic appearance and strength," said Takuro Hosome, sales manager for Roland DG Corporation. "Equipped with our new milling burs, DWX-50 and DWX-4 customers worldwide can now take full advantage of these cutting-edge materials."

Developed specifically for the DWX-50 and DWX-4, the new milling burs, available under the part numbers ZDB-100D, ZDB-50D and ZDB-30D, feature a special coating for maximum durability and precision results.

Composite resins are acclaimed in the industry for their exceptional aesthetics. They can be finished without firing, which dramatically reduces labour and production time. Patients also experience less wear to the opposing dentition and a tooth-like feel due to the material's ability to absorb chewing forces. When the underlying dentition need additional treatment or repair, the material can be easily modified and repaired like real tooth structure.

Roland's DWX-50 and DWX-4 are designed to produce a wide range of restorations in-house, eliminating a lab's need to outsource jobs. With five-axis simultaneous machining capabilities and a 5-station automatic tool changer, the DWX-50 mills on X, Y and Z axes, rotating blocks and discs 360 degrees for unattended production of even the most complex dental arches, abutments, bridges, copings and crowns. The more affordable DWX-4 combines 4-axis milling and an optional 4-position ATC into a compact, easy-to-use production platform. With the DWX-4, professionals can mill a single crown or small bridge quickly, economically and to exacting specifications. Featuring an open architecture design, DWX mills integrate seamlessly into an existing workflow with commercially available dental CAD/CAM software and hardware. In addition to composite resin materials, the DWX series are also capable of milling wax, PMMA and zirconia.

For more information, visit http://www.rolandeasyshape.com/en_AU