GX Series Large Format Cutters
Cut More. Cut Faster. Cut Tougher.
Conquer the graphics world with the new GR cutters.

GR-640, GR-540 Wide Format Cutters


    GR-640 AU $9,894.50

    GR-540 AU $8,794.50 

    RRP inc. GST


    GR-640 AU $235 / Month

    GR-540 AU $209 / Month 

    For 60 months inc. GST

    Roland Rental

Available in 54” and 64” model sizes, GR cutters are powerful, easy-to-operate devices. Packed with advanced and versatile new features, they are designed for a whole new level of sign, apparel, vehicle graphics and packaging production.

Pushing the boundaries of what you thought it was possible to cut. The CAMM-1 GR Series takes cutting productivity, precision and strength to the next level. As the pioneers of high-precision vinyl cutting, Roland DG now returns with an intuitive, versatile solution. Stand-alone cutter or paired with your existing printer - it’s entirely your choice. But be sure - you can power up your business with the GR Series Cutters.

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Key Features



New electronically adjustable pinch rollers with 10 pressure settings to accommodate a range of media types.




New carriage and tool holder with enhanced pressure (up-to 600 gf), up to 10x overlap cutting, and two blade positions.




LCD control panel with memory features and pen force adjustment to allow users to change down force on-the-fly.




Built-in handles to easily maneuver the cutter for media handling.




Media basket included.




L-Shaped design for added machine stability.



  • Designed for faster cutting at 1,485 mm/s and an increased down force of 600gf 
  • Electronically adjustable pinch rollers with 10 pressure settings to firmly grip the thinnest and thickest materials
  • Features a cutting groove to prolong blade life
  • Overlap cutting up to 10x to precisely cut thicker substrates such as diamond-grade reflective vinyl
  • Extend mode supports an additional 20 mm in width
  • Overcut function by 1mm at each endpoint to produce sharpest edges