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ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2 Features

A Powerful New Engine Drives Production

ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2 now features an Aurelon PDF engine for faster RIP times and processing (up to 40% faster) to improve the overall RIP performance and colour management – allowing users to view multiple PDF file previews.

Simplified Interface with Easily Accessible Tools

A simplified user interface makes standard tools, such as step & repeat and replace colours easily accessible from the properties menu. In addition to scaling, nesting, automatic tiling and other essentials, it also provides a new smart fill function, rectangular image nesting, and unlimited hot folders.

New Standard Features

ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2 is filled with new features that were designed to automatically optimise your colour output and streamline your workflow:

  • Variable Data Basic enables creation of fixed templates with customised text and personalised images that can automatically be added to print jobs – import data from .txt or .csv files.
  • Colourbooks option generates printable colour book jobs defined in either RGB or Lab —import industry standard charts from FOGRA and Pantone®.
  • Quality Control Basic (ColorQPC) monitors and certifies colour accuracy —identifying colour differences and ensuring correct spot colour printing.
  • Cut Basic allows users to run up to four CutClients at the same time for pattern cutting or plotting on paper – combine Texart printers with Roland cutters or other large format cutters.
Ergosoft Image Nesting

New Rectangular Image Nesting

Choose from several nesting modes and nest multiple images in a job automatically – applying several nesting modes to the images in each job and arranging images to maximise cutting or minimise media waste. Nesting modes may also be used with the hot folder application.
Ergosoft Image Nesting

Essential Tools and Improved Features

In addition to job cost estimation, a huge range of colour profiles, easy step & repeat tools and other essential tools, it now offers the following software improvements for enhanced production and security:

  • Smoother gradients and improved dot placement accuracy
  • New Digital Printing Applications and Stochastic 3s dithering patterns
  • Colour replacement now supports TIFF format and image specific colour replacements can be done via spot channels
  • Enhanced User Level Rights for increased production security

Multiple RIP Servers

Instead of one RIP server per licence, users are able to RIP up to eight jobs simultaneously.

Unlimited Hot Folders

Hot folders are a quick and easy way to automate the printing process by saving pre-flight results in a hot folder for access at anytime. This new feature allows users to create unlimited hot folders for increased production efficiency and consistency.