ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2
Dye-Sublimation RIP Software

ErgoSoft Roland Edition Dye Sublimation RIP Software

Developed to perfectly integrate with Roland dye sublimation technologies, ErgoSoft Roland Edition combines intuitive image editing and print output tools with extensive colour management and enhanced workflow features — enabling users to take on multiple print jobs with minimum waste and maximum results.

Features Summary

Features Roland Edition Roland Edition 2
Job Composer Included Enhanced
Smart Fill
-- Included
Rectangular Image Nesting
-- Included
Image Add-Ons Included Enhanced
Image Editing Tools Included Enhanced
Colourbooks Optional Included
Colour Replacement
Included (PDF/EPS) Enhanced
Hot Folder Optional Included
Cut Basic
Optional Included
Simultaneous RIP Jobs
1 8
Step & Repeat
Included Enhanced
Printer Pools
-- Included

Upgrade available from v1 to v2. Contact a dealer for more info.