Impact and Laser Decorators

Roland DG impact and laser decorators are ideal solutions for the personalisation of gifts and direct part marking of tools and medical instruments. Affordable and effortless to operate, MPX impact decorators provide stunning results on metal materials including titanium, platinum, silver, copper and gold. Easy-to-use and safe, the LD laser decorator transfers metallic foils onto polycarbonate, acrylic, and other plastics.

LD-300 Laser Decorator

Unique personalisation on a variety of materials

  • Laser imprint onto acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, paper, leather and more
  • Uses inexpensive foil material to produce unique, reflective graphics
  • Accommodates large items such as handbags and gift boxes with increased speed
  • Runs safe and clean with no debris or gas leakage
  • Includes METAZAStudio software
Foil Transfer Laser Decorator LD-80

LD-80 Laser Foil Decorator

A new way to personalise and to create high-value custom products at a low-running cost

  • Laser imprint designs onto pens, pocket notepads, lipstick cases and more
  • Uses inexpensive foil material to produce unique, reflective graphics
  • Safe, quiet and portable personalisation for your kiosk, store or office
  • Requires no special electrical set-up and uses limited power
  • Includes METAZAStudio software

MPX-95 Photo Impact Printer

  • Imprint images, text and barcodes onto metal giftware and equipment
  • Precise, low-cost and easy-to-operate solution
  • Removable base enables imprinting onto large items
  • Runs quietly and safely in any kiosk, store or lab
  • Includes METAZA Studio software
  • Available with optional kits for giftware or direct part marking

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