DWX Series

Two New Dental Mills Designed to Meet Your Needs

DWX-51D dental milling machine
DWX-51D dental milling machine

With a host of automated features and precise 5-axis milling, the DWX-51D is the perfect solution for labs wanting to increase production or those looking to get into digital milling for the first time.

Key features include:

  • Capable of 5-axis simultaneous machining to achieve complex cuts
  • Precision milling of Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, Composite resin, PEEK and Gypsum
  • 10-station automatic tool changer with tool length sensor
  • Diagnostic notification system alerts user of machine status
  • VITA certifies the Roland DWX-51D for milling VITA ENAMIC®
DWX-4W Sample
DWX-4W Sample

The latest dental mill technology enables wet milling of popular glass ceramic and composite resins with the precision and reliability Roland DG products are known for. It combines simultaneous 4-axis milling with a simple one-touch operation for easy, unattended milling.

Key features include:

  • Precision milling of glass ceramic and composite resin
  • Multi pin-clamp to mill up to three different pin-types continuously
  • Automatic tool to change grinding burs without interruption
  • Easy VPanel operation to configure settings and track production
  • VITA certifies the Roland DWX-4W for milling VITA ENAMIC® and VITABLOCS® Mark II, and VITA SUPRINITY®
DWX-4 Dental Milling Machine
DWX-4 Dental Milling Machine

This affordable, precise 4-axis desktop mill is an ideal choice for labs just getting started in digital dentistry or for those that want to perform smaller, time-urgent jobs without tying up their larger production mills.

Key features include:

  • Compact size is ideal for any lab environment
  • Capable of unattended 4-axis milling with simple one-button operation
  • Precision milling of wax, zirconia, nano composites and PMMA
  • Integrated air flow system keeps work area clean
  • Diagnostic notification system alerts user of machine status
  • CAM software included

Which DWX Mill is Best for My Lab?

DWX Features and Capabilities DWX-51D DWX-4W DWX-4
Mandrel mounted material support Yes (standard)
Yes (standard)
Number of working axis 5 4 4
Automatic tool changer (ATC) Yes Yes Yes
Number of tools in ATC 10 4 2 or 4 (option)
Zirconia Yes Not approved Yes
Wax Yes Not approved Yes 
PMMA Yes Not approved Yes
Composite resins Yes Yes Yes
Glass ceramics No Yes No
Material sizes supported

Disks/up to 9 Pin-Type

Up to 3 Pin-Type

Block, Pin-Type