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DWX-52DC Dental Milling Machine Features

Disc Changer

Automatic Disc Changer

Load the six O-Clamp material adapters with different shades of zirconia or any combination of material discs to suit your needs. Assign them with milling jobs and let the automatic disc changer do the rest.

Material adapters can be individually labeled and barcoded to enable VPanel recognition of each disc position. Organise job assignment via your CAM software for non-stop production.

Automatic Tool Changer

Load the 15-station ATC with a variety of diamond coated, carbide and Roland hybrid tools to continuously mill jobs in different materials and multiple shades of zirconia without stopping production.

Monitor VPanel
Monitor VPanel

Intelligent Tool Changer

Part of the simplified VPanel operation, an ITC function automatically swaps out tools that have reached their user-defined lifespan with a designated “partner tool” without needing to pause production.

5-Axis Milling

5-Axis Milling

A smooth and steady ball screw-driven system provides superior milling results – simultaneously rotating and tilting discs for deep undercuts and also milling large arch restorations and other full-mouth prosthetics.


Automatic Air Pressure Control

An automated regulator eliminates the need for manual air control adjustments by changing air volume based on material data via the CAM software.

DWX-52DC - User Replaceable Spindle

User Replaceable Spindle

The DWX-52DC features a spindle that users can replace in minutes, without the need to call out a technician.

A Simple, Clean and Precise Operation

Simplified Operation

Complex controls associated with CNC milling have been replaced by a user-friendly Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel) that automatically swaps out used burs (ITC function), conducts machine diagnostics and gives you one-touch machine calibration.

Automatic Cleaning

Load a brush tool in the ATC and set-it-up to automatically sweep away zirconia powder and other material dust for a debris-free milling surface. The DWX-52DC also features an internal dust collection system and an ionizer to reduce static when milling PMMA.

Open Architecture

The DWX-52DC gives you the freedom to work with your choice of the latest CAD/CAM software, scanners and materials. Users are not tied to a single software or proprietary control source.


*Contact your Roland authorised dealer for the open architecture set-up that’s right for you.  

Optional Accessories for Maximised Milling

BOFA DustPro vacuum unit to remove material waste during milling
Add additional adapters for quick insertion and optimum workflow
Pin adapter for holding up to seven pin-type blocks
Carbide, diamond and hybrid milling tools (0.3mm, 0.6mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm)
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Highest Clinical Standards

The DWX-52DC is made in Japan as a Class I medical device. With meticulous build quality and in accordance with the highest Japanese industrial standards, it gives users added assurance should any medical compliance laws change.

Roland Warranty and Support

A 3-Year warranty plus support from a network of dedicated dealers and certified service engineers ensures that your machine is always up-and-running. From our dedicated customer support team to a wealth of training and education, Roland cares about your customer needs before and after you purchase your device.


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Peace-of-Mind Reliability and Support

For 30 years, Roland DG has been at the forefront of advanced machine manufacturing and offers practical and reliable technology with unmatched service and support.

The new DGSHAPE by Roland brand delivers digital solutions that make it incredibly easy for labs to produce high quality, cost effective dental prosthetics and restorations while improving workflow efficiencies.