MDX-540 benchtop milling machine
High-Performance Prototyping
A world of 3D milling possibilities.

MODELA MDX-540, MDX-540S Benchtop Milling Machines


    MDX-540: AU $31,894.50

    MDX-540S: AU $37,394.50

    RRP inc. GST


    MDX-540: AU $648 / Month

    MDX-540S: AU $759 / Month

    For 60 months inc. GST

    Roland Rental

MDX-540 3D milling machines are some of the fastest, most accurate and accessible devices on the market, ideal for producing everything from functional and snap-fit parts and prototypes to light metal moulds and custom jewellery. Available in standard and enhanced models, MDX-540 benchtop milling machines offer advanced CNC milling at an affordable price.

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Choose the MDX-540 Model That's Right For You

All MDX-540 models deliver superior performance with a combination of Digital AC Servo motors and Feed Forward Processing commonly used in larger, more expensive machines. In addition to the base-model MDX-540, you can choose the MDX-540S, that produces even smoother curves and finer details with the addition of higher accuracy ball screws for enhanced precision and repeatable production capabilities.