MDX-40A benchtop milling machine

Need More Reasons to Choose the MDX-40A? Get the Facts.

Roland’s new MDX-40A SRP 3D milling machine offers several advantages over 3D printers and other rapid prototyping systems: 

  • Lower cost of ownership – Affordable pricing, no annual maintenance fees and low material costs will save you thousands over alternative RP systems.
Comparable 3D Printer vs Roland MDX-40A Comparable 3D Printer2 Roland MDX-40A
Build Area 8 x 6 x 6 12 x 12 x 4
4.7 dia x 10.6
Warranty 90 days 1 year
Machine Purchase Price $14,900 $7,995
Accessories/options/support removal bath $3,000 $4,755
Purchase Price Sub Total $17,900 $12,750
Annual Maintenance $1,500 $0
Annual Material Cost1 - Finishing costs (binders, fillers, support removal solutions, support removal tools, etc) $2,592 $432
Annual Cost Sub-Total $4,092 $432
5 year maintenance & material cost $20,460 $2,160
Total 5 year cost of ownership $38,360 $14,915
5 year savings over comparable 3D printer $23,445


1 Material Cost Calculator
Estimated cost/cubic inch $6 $1
Average cu/in per part 12 12
Average cost per part $72 $12
Parts per year 36 36
Total annual material cost $2592 $432
2 Information correct at time of printing

  • Support for a wider range of materials – Choose from ABS, acrylic, chemical woods, plaster, styrene, Acetal, Nylon and FDA approved plastics.

  • Tighter tolerances – The MDX-40A delivers the exact precision required.  By contrast, additive systems lay down material in layers, and the tolerances are limited by the thickness of these layers.

Milled on a Roland MDX-40A

Created with a 3D printer

  • Smoother surface finish - When viewed side by side, the difference is clear.

Milled on a Roland MDX-40A

Created with a 3D printer

Materials Used: Acetal Copolymer (MDX-40A) ABS based material (Additive machine)

  • The MDX-40A comes complete with SRP Player Software to prepare your CAD model for SRP prototyping.

SRP Workflow