Why We Chose Roland DG - Roland DG vs Latex

3 x Roland DG Users

In this user video, key Roland DG users explain the benefits that Roland DG printers have provided to their business over latex printers. Easy-to-use, accurate, and able to produce higher quality prints than a latex machine, purchasing a Roland DG means you will also be supported by superior reliability and service.

Ease of Use and Versatility

Alex Taylor, Production Manager at Clemson Campus Banner and Design, explains how the company has greatly benefited having a Roland DG due to ease of use and versatility over their previous latex printer. “The simplicity to use as well as the high quality work has been unmatched in our experience”.

Versatility is key for Phillip Yu, Creative Director, Gamut Media: “The Roland printer is probably the foundation of our business. We run everything on that printer that we do.”

“The simplicity to use as well as the high quality work has been unmatched in our experience.”

Unmatched Accuracy and Quality

Tony Nguyen, Chief Operating Officer at Gamut Media, explains that clients like to see what’s on the screen come to life. Phillip agrees that the Roland DG prints very accurately, even when complex graphics are used. The colours pop with a Roland DG, and are always accurate: “The colours are always vibrant, always matching what I design in Photoshop”, Phillip explains.

Time Savings

James Naccarato, General Manager of Iconography Studio, has a very demanding business with many large clients all over the country. The company’s staff use three Roland DG printers to print wraps, banners, window graphics and more. For some large jobs, they can run their printers 24 hrs a day without any issues.

Phillip at Gamut Media has found that the latex printers take time to heat up, and use a lot of heat, that tends to warp the materials. On the other hand, Roland DG printers are ready to go “right off the bat” print clean, and dry quickly, even “before it [the print] hits the floor”.

Top Service and Support

Roland DG gives service backing that leaves little down time. Alex has been impressed with the service he has received: “With the service backing we have with Roland DG, in the rare occurrence that there is a problem, it is very nice to know that your machine will be back up and running at its normal pace in a very short period of time.”

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