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Unlock New Income Streams with Interior Decor Printing

The interior décor market is fertile ground for print service providers looking to diversify and grow their business. Demand for customised and on-trend home furnishings continues to rise, providing numerous opportunities within the space for lucrative new revenue streams.

The breadth of today's digital print technologies means there’s no shortage of entry points or ways to separate your business from the competition.

In this article, we look at the creative possibilities in home and interior décor, from custom wallpapers to decorative prints, and explore how your business can produce unique, eye-catching offerings tailored to both residential and commercial interior design tastes, before giving our tips on how to successfully enter new markets.

The Key to Standing Out

A grey couch in a room with a floral wallpaper

Interior décor provides a diverse, flexible and profitable canvas where customisation is key for businesses looking to expand their product offering and reach new consumers. You can produce exclusive designs that let your customers express their own styles and one-of-a-kind products with vibrant colours, intricate detail and a premium look and feel.

Recent market research suggests that the global home décor market is projected to reach $333.4 billion USD by 2030, growing 6.4% each year between 2023-2030. This increase in demand is driven by social media, cost-effective print solutions, and a growing appreciation for personalised living spaces that reflect individual tastes and styles. Digital printing offers the flexibility to print cost-effective short runs and produce a greater variety of products. This makes it ideal for keeping up with ever-changing interior design trends and seasonal demand cycles.

The Right Print Technology for Interior Décor Success

A kitchen with a glass splashback with a forest on

The interior décor market is benefiting from the emergence of new and exciting digital print solutions and innovations in more established processes. To create distinctive décor items that allow you to charge a premium, you'll want to explore speciality print technologies that produce unique textured effects, patterns, artwork and more.

Improvements to precision over longer print runs and upgrades to ink quality, adhesion and coverage make UV printing and Resin/Latex printing smart choices that deliver brilliant colour, scratch resistance and the ability to print directly onto a vast array of rigid and flexible materials. What’s more, instantaneous drying times and compatibility with a versatile range of media means that prints are ready to be used, shipped or applied as soon as they're printed. Eco-solvent print, too, is ideal for creating a number of key interior décor applications.

DIMENSETM technology is a water-based large-format solution combining advanced inkjet print with the precision of a calendar, resulting in continuous printing. Its unique process creates texture and depth, giving wallpaper and many other applications a tactile and engaging finish with embossed effects that match seamlessly with the design. So, whether you’re printing wall graphics, POS displays, exhibition stands or digital concrete, DIMENSETM gives designers total creative freedom to produce designs that are truly distinctive and customisable.

Open the Door to New Markets

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Compared to traditional home and interior décor manufacturing methods, digital print enables easy customisation, shorter runs, reduced costs and quicker turnarounds – making it perfect for servicing both professional commercial clients and individual consumers.

For professional sectors like interior design, commercial architecture and hospitality industries looking for made-to-order custom décor solutions to match specific space requirements and creative visions – think boutique hotel accent walls, uniquely branded retail décor or custom office privacy partitions – or even the individual consumer sector, this flexibility is essential.

But investing in the right technology is only the first step. To thrive in the interior décor market, print businesses must adopt a strategy that encompasses branding, networking, and targeted marketing efforts.

Here are our tips for reaching additional audiences and unlocking new revenue streams:

Forge Strategic Partnerships

One of the most effective ways to gain a foothold in the home décor space is by forging strategic partnerships with industry influencers and trendsetters. Reach out to interior designers, architects, and home stagers and explore opportunities for collaboration. Not only can these partnerships provide valuable insights into emerging trends and customer preferences, but they can also open doors to new client bases and referral networks.

Attend industry events, trade shows, and networking functions to connect with potential partners and establish yourself as a trusted authority in the interior décor space. Consider sponsoring or speaking at these events to increase your visibility and showcase your expertise.

Cultivate a Strong Brand Identity

In a crowded and growing market, a strong brand identity is essential for standing out and resonating with your audience. Evaluate your existing brand and consider creating a dedicated sub-brand or product line for your décor products. This not only allows you to tailor your messaging and marketing efforts but also helps to differentiate your products from your core business.

Consider amending your website and online presence to highlight your new products, showcasing your capabilities and product range through stunning visuals and compelling descriptions. Use a mix of social media platforms to engage with your audience, share behind-the-scenes glimpses, and promote a sense of community around your brand.

Targeted Marketing and SEO Strategies

It's crucial to identify and target niche segments or untapped opportunities, especially as the market gets more crowded. Conduct thorough market research to identify underserved customer segments or emerging trends, and tailor your products and marketing efforts accordingly.

Optimise your website and online presence for relevant keywords related to your home décor offerings, focusing on keywords that may be overlooked by competitors. Implement targeted SEO strategies to improve your visibility and attract potential customers actively searching for home décor solutions. Identify Frequently Asked Questions on search engines and answer those queries in your online content.

Emphasise Your Unique Selling Proposition

Differentiation is key to success in any market. Identify and emphasise your USP – whether it's unparalleled turnaround times, exceptional colour accuracy, or the ability to produce intricately textured finishes.

Highlight your strengths and capabilities through case studies, testimonials, and visual product showcases. Demonstrate how your offerings can elevate living spaces and provide customers with unique, personalised décor solutions.


A close up of a painting with Dimense texture

We live in an experience economy where customisation is huge, both in the commercial and consumer sectors. The ability to offer stunning, personalised décor solutions has never been easier, with none of the constraints of traditional manufacturing processes. By integrating the right digital print technologies into your operation, you'll open your business to a host of profitable new markets hungry for customised home and commercial décor.

With solutions suited to any print environment and production level, taking your first step into the décor market has never been easier. Start exploring your digital print options today to expand your print offerings and diversify into this lucrative arena.

If you’d like any more information on anything you’ve read in this article, our experts would be happy to help. Please contact us.