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Roland DG Users Explore the Versatility of UV Printers

Roland DG users create a wide variety of products for their demanding customers. In this case study video, representatives from three businesses, Bespoke Packaging, Created by Hands and Sport Award Trophies, talk about their unique experiences using Roland DG's VersaUV LEF Series Benchtop UV Printers.

Bespoke Packaging

Michelle Harties from Bespoke Packaging creates packaging items such as USBs and boxes. Initially she purchased the LEF-20 Benchtop UV Printer to make custom USBs, but she soon found that there were many other customised items she could print to, including 25 bespoke paint tins and paint brushes for one happy customer.

For her business to be successful and meet the needs of her often fussy clientele, Michelle needs quality results and accurate colours. With the LEF-20, she’s found that “there’s never been a colour that we can’t print accurately”. The results are durable and “won’t scratch off” on a range of substrates including tin and bamboo.

Michelle acknowledges that the LEF-20 has helped grow her business, and “it’s helped [the company] to grow, to probably double” their sales in the 6 months after she made the purchase.

Created by Hands

Suzanna Hands from Created by Hands develops custom prints on glass-looking acrylic blocks for the baby industry; wedding invitations, bonbonnieres and thank you gifts for the wedding industry; and awards for the corporate industry. Suzanna used to print manually using a face mounting procedure and she wanted a machine that did most of the work, which is why she chose a LEF-12 Benchtop UV Printer. Work that used to “take forever” prior to purchasing the printer, now prints at the click of a button.

Calling the LEF-12 the “Rolls Royce of all machines”, Suzanna has found that it has “definitely lived up to our expectations. We find that this machine has done what we’ve wanted it to do plus more. So we’ve actually increased our product range.” The business has expanded and Suzanna believes the investment has been worth the money – she has “not looked back.”

Sport Award Trophies

Ross from Sport Award Trophies owns a trophy business and prints to many substrates, including glass, acrylic, wood and plastic. He purchased a LEF-12 Benchtop UV Printer to do the work he used to do with sublimation, including the centres of trophies. The LEF-12 gives him an extra dimension by being able to print extremely vibrant images on glass in full colour.

Ross is very happy with his purchase and would certainly recommend the LEF-12 for its reliability; “it just keeps producing what I want it to produce – a consistent product all the time. The [LEF-12 is] a winner”.

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